Hello guys!

So it’s been over a year since I last posted anything on my blog! It has been intentional and I am incredibly sorry for not informing you!

I wouldn’t say I’m back to blogging as efficiently as I did previously for one or two reasons. It would have been extremely naughty of me not to share with you my spotted style steals over the past few months!

I’m such a sucker for unique styles and even though these have been stored up on my phone for a while now, it’s time to share!!

I hope you enjoy this post

Coco D


For as long as I can remember, I have always heard about the famous Portobello Market in West London being the spot for really cool vintage shopping at extremely reasonable prices. I had the opportunity to visit the market and to be honest, it’s not going to be the alternative Bond Street or Westfield for me but there are lots of amazing finds at great prices and ohh they are unique too!!! It was a great experience for me and I’d like to share the very few photographs I took.


Coco D


Bonjour my beautifuls!! As you all know, when I go out and spot something I really like or catches my attention, I have to share it with you guys or the one or two people that read my blog -_- and hence the reason I have started a series on this blog with the title “Clothing Item of The day”. Today, I came across this incredibly versatile jacket from Zara. I have been in search of a jacket thats edgy but still complements the classy-ish style/look I tend to go for and this I found incredibly beautiful! I loved the leather contrast against the leather. So for those of you who may not necessarily be into leather jackets, this is a perfect alternative!!! Why not pop over to for one

Stay beautiful

Coco D


With our latest “Fashion Clothing of the Day” posts, I bring to you the extremely gorgeous Lola dress by Virgos Lounge as worn by Studio 53 presenter  the beautiful Eku Edewor below. It is one thing to find a summer dress, it’s another thing to find a summer dress that is not only beautiful but flirtatious, classy and extremely detailed with prints to die for! I can only imagine how gorgeous the fabric will feel on ones skin, the amount of heads that will be turned and the thrill of excitement running through ones vein as you step out in this lovely dress.  if I were you, I’d be running to to get mine before it all runs out!! The fabulous thing about this timeless piece is that it’s on sale, a whooping £40 off!! Bargain I tell you!!

Love ad Light 

Coco D

Anonymous said: do you have instagram?

No I don’t!


Very often I get inspired by other bloggers right from the styling of their outfit to their make up. I feel it exposes me to things I may not necessarily be aware of. Whilst getting my frequent digest from, I couldn’t help but notice the richness of this lipstick and how it complements not only her outfit but her skin tone too. Beautiful if you ask me! This just highlights how your hair, make-up ad nail colour can help to bring a outfit A-LIVE!

This Lipstick is by Estee Lauder and its called “Pure Color” Red Velvet. It can be purchased from any stockist of Estee Lauder Make up and I believe in England it costs £18.50 or there abouts!

Stay Beautiful

Coco D



Seeing as I recently lost all motivation and inspiration to blog, I thought it only fair to share this goody I spotted whilst browsing the internet! It seems like a very practical and classic bag which is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean you or I should run out right now to buy a Chloe bag, let’s just call it an eye candy or a memoir of the unseen future. Ironic huh?!

Love and Light

Coco D


Coco D Hot Finds: Hobbs Print-a-thon

Hello Everyone.. Meet the Caravaggio Dress by Hobbs. Whilst shopping two days ago, I walked into Hobbs to see what was going on and immediately I walked into the store this dress caught my eye! One thing I have recently noticed about Hobbs is that they truly are a Contemporary British Designer. Immediately you walk into the store you get that very British feminine atmosphere and I love that so much about this brand. The most important thing for a designer or designers is for its client to understand what the brand stands for. 

The most intriguing thing for me about this dress was firstly the prints. Absolutely gorgeous autumny colours that are warm and vibrant in a not-so-loud way. Secondly is the style of the dress. It’s very womanly and classy too. Anyone in search for something to treat themselves with, this dress is definitely a winner!

If you aren’t looking for a dress but you love the prints, there’s also a Caravaggio skirt and blouse which you can find on the Hobbs website!

Lastly, I also spotted the black and white skirt in store too. I love the mix prints, I think its really edgy! I’m not sure if it’s still available online! I have tried to find very similar items to this image, both high end and high street, hope they are helpful!